As my professional coach, Sue Ann has helped me achieve great success since I launched my business. Her coaching style provides great results quickly. My personal and professional life are flourishing and balanced in large part due to my work with Sue Ann.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Janie McDonald

Sue Ann Gonis is an excellent executive coach and her skill set has been invaluable to me. In just a few sessions, Sue Ann identified my strengths and areas’ that needed improvement as an executive. She is intelligent, compassionate, resourceful, and looks far beyond the reality of business tasks and provides an insightful understanding to better ones life. Her one on one coaching made a HUGH impact on my life personally and professionally and I will always be grateful for her superior ability, as she “prepared” me to assume a greater leadership role in the area of my passion. I can highly recommend her!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Linda Polk

Sue Ann is a wonderfully gifted human being who is talented, compassionate and insightful. While our paths crossed in graduate school (MAOL Program) through Chapman University, I work with her now through ONElife Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Some of her best qualities? She is trustworthy, encouraging, and allows you the opportunity to process and tackle the demons or “the things that hold us back” without being judgmental or critical. Instead, she is right by your side, cheering you on.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Sandra Hague

Sue Ann is the utmost professional who is extremely personable and very creative with optimizing ideas, plans, and objectives. She’s able to stay focused on the ultimate goal, while also taking into consideration the immediate needs. Sue Ann has been a terrific professional coach who has helped me with mapping out my life so that I could obtain my life’s passion.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Debbie Wells

Sue Ann has the insight, the care, and the connections to guide any individual in their career development endeavors. Incredibly personable and eager to see others succeed, she is well versed at attending to the unique details that accompany guiding people of varying levels of experience and education.

I can say without hesitation that Sue Ann was a cornerstone to both of my internships in business school, the second of which became a full time position at the time of graduation.

Sue Ann helped me launch my career, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in their own professional lives.”

Mark Phelan

Sue Ann has been extremely supportive of our efforts in growing the Leadership Services Program here at Chapman University and acted as our internal consultant in developing our vision/mission/values. Prior to her departure we were working jointly together on rolling out an Executive Leadership Program. Sue Ann posseses a wide range of knowledge and skills and I would strongly recommend her for any coaching, project or consultative work. She is extremely professional, highly knowledgable and it is an honor to get to continue to work with her!”

Worked with Sue Ann at Chapman University

Cheri Sherman – Director, Chapman University

I worked with Sue Ann Gonis at Chapman University and found her to be a very capable fundraiser and leader. She is very astute in cultivating strong relationships with current and potential donors. She made sure that donors were appreciated, and that they felt valued as a person, not by what they might give. I was responsible for tracking donor activity and goals for each of the directors of development at Chapman University, and Sue Ann always performed above and beyond expectations. As a leader, Sue Ann always inspired those around her to also go above and beyond what was expected.”

Worked directly with Sue Ann at Chapman University

Lawrence Gustafson – Prospect Research, Chapman University

During my first few years at Ingram Micro I had the pleasure of working with Sue Ann. Among her many strengths was her ability to develop her team and bring out the best in all of them. She effectively balanced positive reinforcement with accountability to motivate her staff and achieve desired results. In addition, Sue Ann is a forward thinking leader who looks for innovative ways to improve her area and contribute to the overall success of the company. These attributes are what made Sue Ann the ideal choice for her next position as Director of Strategic Accounts with Ingram Micro.”

Worked directly with Sue Ann at Ingram Micro

Hazel Sanders – Customer Service Manager, Ingram Micro


  • Sue Ann is a tremendous asset to the Michigan Ross EMBA Program. She has established strong relationships with our students, and her collaboration with them ...

    Nirav Mehta
  • Sue Ann gets my highest recommendation as a career coach and mentor. Her unique ability to identify and comprehend complex business relationships has helped me ...

    Joshua R. Le Duff
  • Sue Ann is a natural leader. The good kind – a grounded, confident leader that knows how to listen. She sees the potential in others ...

    Bret Babos – Rebel Earth Films
  • There is no other way to say it....Sue Ann Gonis literally saved our conference. After several cancellations from other confirmed keynote speakers, we were left ...

    Brooke Spring – Ingram Micro
  • Sue Ann’s help in positive reinforcement turned to be indispensable during my time as a MBA student/candidate. I was so blown away by Sue Ann’s ...

    Tim Pencak – MBA graduate 2012
  • I can’t say enough great things about Sue Ann. She helped me more to discover a new passion and career path than I could have ...

    Jim Dusserre – Owner Salon Dusserre
  • In the Leadership Forum led by Sue Ann Gonis, she provided guidance for growth from a position of self-knowledge to one of transforming corporate culture. ...

    Frances Driesbach
  • Sue Ann serves as the Executive Coach for our Executive MBA students at Chapman University. She has become an incredible asset to our student body ...

    Jon B. Kaplan