Team Coaching


I offer customized programs for all types of teams and organizations. For example, I may begin with a team assessment to gain a greater understanding of the issues within the team.

Team and Organizational Coaching builds awareness and fosters the growth of the people within the company. Other benefits the teams and organizations I work with experience include:

  • A more collaborative work environment, which leads to greater achievement of strategic goals
  • The ability to embrace and resolve conflict more easily
  • More engagement and greater productivity of team members
  • The ability to attract and retain top talent


University of Michigan

One of my clients is the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, where I am the Professional Development and Team Coach for the LA EMBA students.

For more information on the Stephen M. Ross School of Business please visit there website.


  • Sue Ann is a tremendous asset to the Michigan Ross EMBA Program. She has established strong relationships with our students, and her collaboration with them ...

    Nirav Mehta
  • Sue Ann gets my highest recommendation as a career coach and mentor. Her unique ability to identify and comprehend complex business relationships has helped me ...

    Joshua R. Le Duff
  • Sue Ann is a natural leader. The good kind – a grounded, confident leader that knows how to listen. She sees the potential in others ...

    Bret Babos – Rebel Earth Films
  • There is no other way to say it....Sue Ann Gonis literally saved our conference. After several cancellations from other confirmed keynote speakers, we were left ...

    Brooke Spring – Ingram Micro
  • Sue Ann’s help in positive reinforcement turned to be indispensable during my time as a MBA student/candidate. I was so blown away by Sue Ann’s ...

    Tim Pencak – MBA graduate 2012
  • I can’t say enough great things about Sue Ann. She helped me more to discover a new passion and career path than I could have ...

    Jim Dusserre – Owner Salon Dusserre
  • In the Leadership Forum led by Sue Ann Gonis, she provided guidance for growth from a position of self-knowledge to one of transforming corporate culture. ...

    Frances Driesbach
  • Sue Ann serves as the Executive Coach for our Executive MBA students at Chapman University. She has become an incredible asset to our student body ...

    Jon B. Kaplan