Tim Pencak – MBA graduate 2012

November 05, 2012  |   Testimonial   |     |   0 Comment

Sue Ann’s help in positive reinforcement turned to be indispensable during my time as a MBA student/candidate. I was so blown away by Sue Ann’s phenomenal insight into the laws of the mind- how to remain focused in times of stress. I have always been an upbeat and cheerful person, but seemed to always lack the confidence and guts to tackle my dreams. Now I know why!! Sue Ann helped me re-program my way of thinking and to ignore the insecurities that were getting in my way of accomplishing goals. She taught me that we as humans all have insecurities, and it’s not possible to be cured from those unwanted thoughts that enter our minds. But, Sue Ann showed me techniques to turn off those unwanted thoughts and gave me the tools to turn counterproductive thinking off- as if it was as easy as pushing a button on a TV remote.

Without Sue Ann’s insight on personal growth and achievement, I would have not completed my educational requirements on time. She’s also one of the most caring and a compassionate people that I’m honored to say is in my life today.

Now, as an official MBA graduate and coming to the end of my coaching sessions with Sue Ann, I’m proud to say I’m full of vitality and in the most peaceful state of mind in my life. And if I ever feel side-tracked or overwhelmed by any of life’s pressures, I can easily turn to the amazing self-help library that Sue Ann instilled in my mind and heart. I’m am forever grateful to of had the opportunity to be coached by this very special lady- Sue Ann Gonis.”