Career Coaching

Some people know exactly what they want to do next in their career and other people need help figuring it out.  As a coach, I identify your needs and together, we develop a coaching plan designed specifically for where you’re at.

Typical Coaching Process

Stage 1 - Discover

Identify what a fulfilling and meaningful career looks like for you – this may include assessments for helping you identify what is most meaningful and fulfilling for you. Questions you might want answered:

  • How do you want your career to look over the next two to five years and why?

  • What development opportunities can help advance your career?

  • What strengths can you build upon?

Clarify your key career components including core values, strengths, culture fit, transferable skills, and motivators

  • What are the top three to five values that are important for you in your career?

  • What are your transferable skills?

  • What is the right culture fit?

Stage 2 - Support

Be guided and supported step-by-step through your tailored strategy to achieving your set outcomes.

Define your value proposition as a leader.

Upgrade your presentation style, interview technique, and online presence to show you as a compelling leader.

Upgrade your job search strategy uncover the hidden job market, techniques, and mindset.

Learn to maximize and strategically develop your network in ways that are right for your career.

Stage 3 - Achieve

Support in achieving your career goals.